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Trial Reports 2014
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Ron Faulkner

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Gordon Jackson

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Plashes Farm

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2nd Ron Faulkner Historic Sporting Trial

Ian Veale won the Ron Faulkner historic sporting trial near Petersfield on Saturday by a margin of 15 marks from Ian Wright. Monty Peters was third.

Southsea Motor Club put on a great trial with sections that made all 20 competitors think and work hard.

The ground was very slippery in the morning but with the sun shining the grip soon improved and scores tumbled.

It was good to see so many new competitors taking part, most of which seem to have come from the ranks of HSCC racers. Dave Methley was sharing his newly acquired Cannon with ace engine builder Geoff Richardson while Jim Chapman was having a few teething troubles with the very unusual IRIS which he had bought from Ian Wright. Frank Lyons and Trevor Woods in Frank´s Cannon had a good day out.

Mark Busfield started in his unique CWB Trident 1172 (see our website for pictures) but had to retire after two sections due to battery issues. He declared the car will be fighting fit for the next trial in April.

Frank Wilson, with his son Graham, had their first historic sporting trial outing in a car Frank built in the early 1970´s and came fourth overall and best Post Historic, a great result.

Eric Wall recommissioned the fiddle brakes on the famous Canhi, fitted proper 18" rear wheels and only missed being third overall by one mark.

Pictures can be found on Charlie Wooding´s site

1st Derbyshire Historic Sporting Trial

Sunday the 27th April saw another major step forward for the historic sporting trials movement when the Lancashire and Cheshire Car Club organised the first event where a modern sporting trial and a historic sporting trial shared the same site. On balance the whole event went off very well but as with anything new there were a few minor teething troubles which can be easily overcome.

We had an excellent entry of 17 which included first timers Roy and Tom Heydon in the amazing 1172 Sleeman Special, still on 40+ year old Mudplugger tyres. Also first time out was Clive Tizzard who was sharing the Jim Chapman´s BMC engine IRIS. For once we did not have anyone from the Stroud area as they were mainly speed hill-climbing at Prescott. The car park is in a field perched on the top of Peak District with amazing views of the surrounding hills but it did leave you wondering if the wind ever stops blowing. Ian and Martyn had set out 6 hills which, while being entirely separate from the "modern" hills, some were in fairly close proximity leading to one well known personality looking at the wrong hill and thinking he was going to drive his old car up the modern hill. We admire optimism.

Most hills were on the side of a grassy valley which only gave grip provided the driver was very gentle with the throttle. Any attempt to apply power meant that forward motion ceased exceedingly quickly and a big score would result.

Two hills included good old fashioned bog which served to take marks from everyone. At lunch time a light shower removed what little grip there was on the grass resulting in hills that may have been cleaned in the morning become difficult.

It was decided that the more experienced trials competitors would act a general mentors for some of the new comers, a format that worked well although it took much longer to complete the two laps in the morning. However it did lead to a very relaxed atmosphere and allowed people to get to know each other even if it did up-set the officials of the organising club who would have liked to issue us with a warning for slow play.

After one lap Frank Lyons and Trevor Wood had a rear axle mounting on their Cannon shear leading to retirement and an early long trip home. In the meantime Dave Methley and Geoff Richardson were starting to get the hang of this trials driving with Dave almost having a clear round on lap 2. Spectators could see the glint in their eyes as they improved and cleaned a number of sections. Jim Chapman shared his car with Clive Tizzard but they had to retire after two laps due to battery issues. Before this Jim had a super drive on hill 5 to reach the section ends card but only to be told that he had missed the 7 gate, easily done but very frustrating. Roger and Rachel Arnold were going well, Rachel scoring less than her dad on lap2 but lap 3 was not her best while dad showed real progress. Mark Busfield , together with son Oliver had a good day out in the very unusual but totally immaculate CWB Trident, so much better than the last trial when they had to retire very early on. Roy and Tom Heydon finished their first trial in the Sleeman Special but forgot to hand in their score card. Great pity but I understand they will be at the next trial.

Ian Wright, with Richard Milne as passenger was best overall in his 1172 Imhof on 24 with Monty Peters and John Bundock next in the historic class on 32. Nevi lle Collett with wife Claire beside him won the Post Historic in his 1098 Cannon on 29. In all it was a great event which we hope to repeat next year. Martyn Halliday.

Pictures can be found on Charlie Wooding´s site

Gordon Jackson Historic Sporting Trial

Report on the Gordon Jackson Historic Sporting Trial – 28th June 2014- Sallywood Farm, Horsley Glos.

An excellent entry of 25 drivers took part in the 2nd Gordon Jackson Historic Sporting Trial which was held late on Saturday afternoon as part of the British Bike Bonanza at Sallywood Farm, Horsley, Glos. The Golden Valley Light Car Club set out 7 challenging hills with surfaces that varied from steep grassy banks to rocks, including one very slippery climb out of a muddy area under trees. Due to the earlier motorcycle trial running late the 3 laps were not started until after 5pm but most had finished by 7.30.

There had been heavy showers in the morning but it was fortunate that the entire trial was run in fine weather although the rain clouds were never far away. It was good to see Gordon Jackson talking with everyone in the paddock. For a number of drivers it was their first ever trial. From the historic racing camp Neil Davis drove well in his newly acquired and untried 1172 Cranford while Stuart Tizzard started in his freshly restored ex Colin Taylor Post Historic Cannon which unfortunately expired with a flat battery.

From the pre 65 bike trials Nigel Townsend drove his recently rebuilt Cannon and cleaned a number of hills. All enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to the next event. Phil Cooper turned up with a Post Historic car but it was playing up so much they did not start which was a get pity. Ian Veale, many times winner of historic sporting trials passed his IRH2 to his two sons, Tristan and Sandy, to have their first trial under the eagle eye of their experienced trials driver brother Josh who acted as passenger and guide. They were under strict instructions from dad not to break the car.

Grahame and Breda White were climbing well in their Cannon until the gearbox started to jump out of gear at critical times costing them marks. This was after the BMC box had been rebuilt following similar trouble in the previous Derbyshire Trial. Dave Methley was double entered with engine builder Geoff Richardson in Dave’s Cannon the car seemed to develop a misfire but that did not stop it climbing some of the slippery hills – there must be a moral in that somewhere!

Tim Barrington borrowed Boyd Webster’s very smart Kincraft and modern sporting trial winner Steve Courts was in the driving seat of Andy Wilks old Cannon. It was good to see Roy and Tom Heydon out again in the 1172 Sleeman, this time finishing the trial and cleaning a few hills. Nigel Moss’ Cannon, which is modified for classic trials, may have suffered from lack of steering lock on Hill 5 but it did not suffer from a lack of power on the climbs and mud.

Monty Peters and John Potts were in top form again in the ex Rex Chappell Cannon winning the trial on 24 marks lost. Best Post Historic were Frank and Graham Wilson who managed to keep their score down to 23, one ahead of Neville and Ant Collett in the Cannon. However the drive of the trial must go to Frank Lyons who completed the course with a loss of 44 marks to give him best in the Historic class. Frank was sharing his car with Trevor Wood who for some unexplained reason was not given a score on the last hill.

The prize for the best dressed team must go to Dave Methley and Geoff Richardson who were resplendent in ties and flat caps – have a look at the photographs of the event on Charlie Wooding website: www. Charliewoodingphotography.co.uk /trials galleries/ It was in all an enjoyable event on a great site.

HSCC 2nd Historic Sporting Trial held at Plashes Farm

An excellent entry of 24 was received including first timer Daniel Wheeler who is normally seen pedalling a Mini Cooper or a 97 Nissan Primera super tourer in the new classic touring car championship. Tony Hall brought along Marcin Huta for his first drive in a Britsh trial, by the end of which professed to having enjoyed himself

As the rest of the field included many HSCC racers and a few old trials hands it was decided to run the event on the “mentor” basis so the old hands can show the new lads how the job should be done. By the end of the second lap a few of the newcomers such as David Methley, Franks Lyons and Trevor Wood were a bit too close for comfort on marks lost to the old hands so the old hands had to work hard on the final lap to restore their rightful position at the top of the tree. It is only a matter of time before we see the newcomers really challenging the old hands for the pots.

Using the mentoring and self-marshalling system does slow progress down but with competitors watching each other the scope for friendly banter is enormous.

Despite the recent rain most of the hills were dry except the dreaded muddy climbing turn at the end of hill 4. It was here that that the trial was decided in the favour of Ian Wright in his Cannon who finished the day on 4 marks lost to the 5 marks lost by Stephen Barnes driving Martyn Halliday’s Cannon.

We were joined for their first experience in sporting trials by the charming Tom and Maddie Cannon whose great uncle Mike Cannon made many of our cars. Tom crewed for Ian Wright and Maddie with Stephen Barnes so they both ended up with passenger trophies.

The battle for Best Post Historic went right down the wire. At lunch Neville Collett and Frank Wilson were neck and neck on 5 marks lost and both finished the day on 8 marks lost. Frank received the cup on the basis he had 15 cleans to Neville’s 14.

Paul Faulkner, who organises the excellent Ron Faulkner Historic Sporting Trial in March, was having a good day until a 7 marker pole jumped out and hit his car on Hill 1 in the afternoon. Many competitors had a big 11 on Hill 4 in the afternoon whereas the leaders were dropping I or 2 marks. With such low scoring the slightest mistake is very costly and there is no way back on the last lap of the event.

In all another successful trial. It is very encouraging to see so many people new to trials taking part and clearly enjoying themselves.

Pictures can be found on Charlie Wooding´s site

Cotswold Historic Sporting Trial

Report on the 3rd Cotswold Historic Sporting Trial – 8th November 2014

The 3rd Cotswold Historic Sporting Trial was memorable for a number of reasons. It was our first really wet trial and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves in spite of the conditions. We also had the highest entry so far with an amazing 40 drivers who were split reasonably evenly with 19 in the Historic class and 21 in the Post Historic.

Stroud and District Motor club laid on 8 hills at their Sallywood Farm site near Horsley in Gloucestershire. When the competitors arrived in heavy rain and very strong winds most were thinking 8 hills was decidedly ambitious but the Clerk of the Course, Dave Wall said he had opened the sections out and we would try and complete 2 rounds in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the end the rain stopped by lunch time and all three rounds were completed but not before many competitors had scores that would have made members of the English cricket team very happy.

In the Historic class we had the motoring press in the form of James Page ( Editor of Classic and Sports Car) sharing a Cannon with Ian Wright and racing driver and journalist Mark Hales (Octane)driving with Monty Peters in the ex Rex Chappell Cannon. Both drove very well with Mark claiming victory in the “motoring press challenge” by 3 marks although James cleaned more of the 24 hills. Newcomers from the racing world included Chris Atkinson, who shared his recently acquired ex-Michael Schryver Cannon with Westie Mitchell. Westie had an amazing drive finishing on 133 marks lost. He now wants his own car! Poor Eric Wall was left stranded after the distributor drive on the Canhi sheared between sections.


The Post Historic class saw Simon Durling turning out in a Kincraft for the first time along with Peter Hore and Jennifer in a Concorde they had gone all the way to Northern Ireland to buy. Simon was a trialer many years ago and it showed in the results as he walked off with the Post historic class on 48. Grahame White had a good trial finishing third in class behind Neville Collet. In fact Grahame’s last lap score was less than the class winner. David Methley and Geoff Richardson missed four sections after Geoff hit a rock and bent the steering arm on David’s Cannon.

Ian Veale, with Andy Wilks as passenger, won the trial in the 1172 IRH2 on 45 marks lost from Monty Peters on 79. Some of the hills cut up badly in the rain leaving cars struggling for grip. Hill 8 on lap 1 was a classic example where only two drivers, Ian Wright and Ian Veale, scored 0 where everyone else lost 9,10 or 11.

After lunch the rain may have stopped but the ground did not dry out at all. There were still some big scores even though the hills had been altered. In all a great event organised in an efficient and friendly manner which provided a fitting end to the 2014 season.

How long it took to clean the cars and clothing is another matter altogether. Have a look at all the pictures on Charlie Woodings website!


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